Anabolic diets for building muscle are typically focused on foods and meals that are stacked with clean calories that include healthy portions of proteins, cleansing vegetables, fat and complex carbohydrates.

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Simply put – being in an anabolic state is a process within the body that creates the building and maintaining of tissue (typically associated with building muscle). Attaining this state requires the body to utilize energy or fuel to optimize this activity, a process which is called anabolism.

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Anabolic diets are designed to feed the muscle’s development and repair after workouts by being eating meals and snacks that are rich in protein, in addition to limiting or reducing the amount of calories from carbohydrates and fats in your regular meals. As compared to diets that are meant to help burn fat (metabolic diet), anabolic diets are all about building muscle.

The thing is – this is not some wacky theory, this type of diet has been researched, tested, documented, and proven to work. As the famous saying goes ” you are what you eat” – well in this case, when you’re focusing your meals on healthy lean proteins that help build muscle, it will do well in supporting your goals when combined with a regular exercise regimen that consists of things such as weight lifting or interval training.

Anabolic diets are different from traditional diets:

Traditional diet programs typically focus on reducing fat in our diet and substituting that with other things like carbs and proteins. The thing with that is your body craves fat as its preferred source of fuel and energy, and if there’s not enough fat to fulfill that need, the body turns to protein and muscle to burn to get its energy. With that said, dramatically reducing fats from your diet can be contradictory towards building muscle and can potentially do more harm than good in trying to achieve your goals.

The goal of an anabolic diet plan is to consume and maintain a high level of protein in your system, and trick your body into using fat instead of your muscles and/or protein as its source of energy. So, if you have a little extra fat to lose or want to trim your waistline, changing your diet and ramping up your exercise program will help you build more muscle, tone your body, and burn that fat off.

Traditional diets or using those pre-packaged foods from most of those leading brand weight loss programs have a big issue in that they use much more processed foods, and may be actually more expensive on a per meal basis than buying and cooking yourself the meals needed to support an anabolic diet.

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Keep that weight off and stop bouncing around!

Losing and maintaining your weight at a desired level will not only require some lifestyle changes, it will also be a great learning experience as well as be very fulfilling. Once you attain your desired weight, or breakthrough that certain goal, you can start to mix things up a little more and experiment with the amount of fat you include in your meals so that you have enough to meet your energy needs for the day.

The bottom line is – you have to eat protein rich foods in proper proportions to help convert your body to start burning fat for energy, as well as to make sure your eating enough so you don’t feel hungry or malnourished. If you want to build a stronger, leaner, and healthier body – you have to know what the best foods are to eat to build muscle (ie: proteins), control your food portions and make sure you take care of the basics such as get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, and try not to binge on junkfood.

Here are a few tips that you can start with today:

1. Don’t skip breakfast. The worst breakfast in the world is no breakfast. Any breakfast is better than no breakfast. That being said, think about this, when you wake up, it has been six to eight hours (more or less) since your body had any kind of nourishment. Insulin levels are down, protein stores are down and your body has been deprived of fuel all night long and is desperate to restore balance.

This is also the one meal of the day that you can actually pig out and not worry about it too much (within reason of course) where you have the whole day to burn off those calories. As stated before – foods that are protein rich are best for breakfast, such as eggs, meats, cheese, and other dairy products.

2. Drink plenty of water. Water cleanses your body and helps eliminate toxins, as well as run more efficiently. Drinking plenty of water will also help you feel more full and curb some of those cravings you might have.  If you feel like your hungry in the middle of the day between meals, if a protein rich food is not available – your best alternative is a big glass of ice water.

3. Eat protein rich foods at every meal: Protein stimulates muscle growth,  supports muscle repair after work-outs, and is the fuel to build strength. By eating more protein – it helps to stimulate muscle growth and keeps your metabolism running at a higher level which will in turn help you to lose more weight and burn fat faster.

4. Have protein before and after your workouts:  During your workouts, your body breaks down muscle to use it for fuel and does that after you stop working out to rebuild the muscle tissue using the calories consumed beforehand. The sooner you can feed your body with another source of protein in this process, the sooner your body will stop using your muscle as its fuel source.

Scientific research on this subject has revealed some really interesting facts. For one – the snack you choose to each should contain a healthy portion of carbohydrates and protein the both before and after your workout. The second thing they found is that by feeding your body with this protein rich snack within an hour or so after your workout, will help to feed your muscles with enough energy to build strength and recover more quickly.

Anabolic diets are great and can be used by anybody – they are not just for bodybuilders, extreme fitness folks or professional athletes. Anyone that has the desire to lose weight, burn that belly fat off and maintain their ideal weight has a great opportunity though a well planned selection of foods and meals that will not require countless hours in the gym.

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